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At Last! A Decent, Legitimate Philippine-Based Domestic Helper Agency

It has been such an endless struggle for anyone in Manila, Philippines who needs to hire or employ a decent, honest and well-trained domestic helper, nanny, driver, or any type of household helper. Sadly, many, if not, most of them will rob you, steal your stuff, lie to their teeth, or even kidnap your kids. Yes, this may sound unbelievable but it is true. We have so many cases of this in this country.
I have my own share of sob story which I will be writing about in my next blog - it went to the police, and all the way to the Department of Labour (DOLE), and as of this writing, I am waiting for what the next step of DOLE as the said agency (WNCK) has been operating illegally.
So, sitting down, helpless, and been sick (allergic rhinitis and flu), I realised why don't I just open my own with a mate? Since my parents owned a manpower agency that deploys various kind of workers (office, cleaners, professionals) to local companies here (government, private and multi-national), why not expand the service?
I just feel I understand both sides of the coin: the needs and frustrations of the client, and the mind-set of a temporary staff (cleaners, helpers, drivers, etc.). Hopefully, with the kind of European and American training we will give to these staff (domestic workers), we can make them better employees! First, they have a problem with work attitude. Second, they lack discipline (as most Filipinos are-truth only).
So, read on.
It definitely will be a more efficient service. Pass the word around, please.

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Right People. Right Mind.

Our network is increasing fast and we continue to provide domestic helpers of high quality to various households. We also deploy workers such as housemaids, houseboys, nannies, housekeepers, caregivers, midwives, nurses, drivers, gardeners, building attendants (janitors), merchandisers, and so on.

We’ve set up a user-friendly platform which is called DIY. It works by enabling potential local employers to quickly find the type of domestic helper by browsing the online profile and photo of applicants. We strive to provide the easiest, fastest and user-friendly environment for foreign domestic helpers and employers to have direct communication via telephone allowing employers to have the INITIAL contact with prospective candidates as well as undergo one-on-one negotiation and hire ideal helpers to meet its household needs. 
Aside from direct hire processing, we also provide full agency service where we arrange interview between the employer and the applicant. Once you’ve already decided who among them you’d like to hire, what we will do next is take care of all the necessary processing that will bring the domestic helper of your choice to you.
We make sure that everything is done smoothly and proficiently for every one's satisfaction. We are a REGISTERED COMPANY.
We are managed and owned by an expat from the UK who has 20 years of experience in HR, recruitment, outsourcing,  supervision of staff, and the process of hiring and firing, including WESTERN-trained staff who made sure you will be serviced SMOOTHLY AND EFFICIENTLY and FAST. The service that we provide is not only exceedingly satisfactory it is designed as well for your convenience.
The owner, a single mum, had experienced the hassles of finding the right and LEGITIMATE domestic worker here in the Philippines, and now has found the solution to help others in the same boat as hers.
We provide you not just EFFICIENCY in the WESTERN way, but also, our helpers are:
1. PROPERLY TRAINED - baby care, household cleaning, building cleaning and maintenance, car maintenance and care, and care for the sick and the aged.
2. They are required to submit their ORIGINAL AND LEGAL documents such as the NBI, Police and Barangay Clearances, valid IDs, pictures.
3. We have exhausted all possible means for background check of their families, relatives and past employers.
4. They have been rigorously interviewed by our panel.
5. We have given them all CLIENT BRIEFING - including good manners and right conduct.
6. We select ONLY those that have passed our RIGID and STRICT requirements even before they are deployed to you.          

Please follow the following steps:
1. Send us an email of what domestic worker you need, including details of age, background and experience.
2. We will get back to you asap.
3. Then we will telephone you once we have the candidates that you can interview on the phone.
4. Once you have made your choice based on this telephone interview, we will deliver the domestic worker at your convenient location for a minimal fee.
5. Contracts are then signed.
6. We charged a minimal service fee for all costs incurred.


Please fill up below. Or send us an email at dladmarkservicesinc@yahoo.com with your contact details.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Online Dating...in Manila, Anyone...?" Part Two

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Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free...? PART 1 

Yes, true...why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? I mean, why spend money when you can get freebies, right?

Ever since I returned here, I am pretty amazed at how the "dating" has evolved in this country. Online dating became more popular now, and now there seemed to be this "web cam" shows where men and women show themselves on cam scantily clad or naked, and will do a "show" on a video cam. Some women do it for free, or asked for a fee, i heard. And I was told, too, that, it has become a sort of a profession here especially for university students. In fact, I had been told that police have raided such places where this web cam shows are being held.

Uhmm...either I had been away for too long, or that I was totally in a different world there that I was never kept abreast of this so-called "web cam" thingy. It's just that over there, even if we do online "dating," as far as i was concerned, I met dates on initial contact through online, then we meet up, and that's it. We never chat endlessly, look at each other through a web cam,or do some bloody shows! It had always been a face-to-face encounter.

However, coming back to Manila, and not knowing anyone anymore, feeling sometimes alone and lonely and not knowing anyone anymore, I resorted to "meeting" people online - to meet "nice and decent" men, being the primary reason really. Of course, needless to say, it was a bloody disaster!

After exchanging email addresses with those I thought were decent enough to start a friendship, and hopefully, more, and accepted an online chat, these bloody bastards asked me for a fucking (excuse the French) "web cam show!" I was such a daft then because that was unknown to me. he asked me to show my breasts, and other private parts on the web cam.

I was flabbergasted, to say the least! What the hell was that? Until I met this woman online, we chatted, and she explained the whole thing to me. Then, and only then I understood what a web cam show is...disgusting, weird...these were the men in Europe or American who are lonely, have nothing productive to do with their time, perverts who prey on naive and stupid women, especially young women. However, I had been told that when a woman wants to be paid for such a show, the man disagrees, gets annoyed, and moves on to the next victim...

Yes, men, men...they want it for free. Why pay for a sexy or erotic show when they can get it for free via the web cam? After all, why travel miles to a girlie bar, spend on drinks, or entrance fees, and a show, when you can have it in the comfort of your homes, right? Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free...?

Or, another such example...I have spoken to one Filipino bloke from Adult xoxoxoxo who was asking me out. I asked him what he was looking for: he said "uncomplicated" fun. Of course, being here for some months, I understood that as a "free" shag with a beautiful, sexy, intelligent, educated, sophisticated woman. In short, no-strings fun ONLY. However, he bemoaned the fact that he has met mostly women who are looking for a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, or that she be given some money for whatever reason. In other words, he cannot find a woman he fancies because no one wanted a "free" shag - just a "free" shag. And nothing more.

Is there such a thing as a "free" lunch...?
Is there a woman that you can meet, bring her to your place, or a motel (only in the Philippines, my dear) and just shag her? Just like that? I told him you may as well go to a club, pick up someone who is a bit tipsy or drunk, a woman who is also looking for the same thing: a shag only. But I was told, in this adult website for finding online dates around the world, local women  are not really looking for that - just  adult "fun" really. The reality here, at least, in the Philippine context, is that women here use that site either to find a partner/husband for economic reason, or a paid sex with foreign blokes - no more, no less. And if a woman is willing to go to bed with a man, then be prepared to cover her expenses to meet you, a dinner, or her shopping. Of course, some blokes don't agree, especially if you're a Filipino. Because blokes, again, especially the Filipinos who are on this site (not all Filipino men because there are those that are really sweet, decent and generous, and, sorry to say, they are not on this site), will not shell out money.

So, we go back to this cliche, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free...?

Going back to that Filipino bloke I spoke on the phone (and yes, he was the first I spoke with since i joined this site two weeks ago, and considering what i wrote in my profile, I remember distinctly saying, among other things, that "I would like to be wined and dined, and be treated with respect..." blah, blah...), I told him that I do not see anything wrong when a woman asked you for money because you also ask for sex!

I mean why is it that when women ask for money for whatever reason she wants/needs it, men just get so mad and annoyed, yeah. He will say, listen babe, I don't even know you yet! And so, if that is the case, when a man asked for a sex after an hour of meeting each other, a woman also has the right to say, well, fuck off, babe, because I don't even know you yet! But you see, a man sometimes "demands" for sex even amongst those in tight, serious or married relationships. Yet, a wife/girlfriend "demands" money, the husband/boyfriend calls her a "goldigger." Uhmmm...

Sex and money are both powerful. A woman can use sex as her means for power, and a man can use money in the same reason. However, sad to say,the Asian women, generally speaking, as compared to the women in the Western world, are not as assertive as their Western counterparts who are more "independent and strong-willed." Unless Asian women have traveled the world, or have lived or studied in the US or Europe, they will always be bounded by our tradition of "being second to the men." Don't you ever wonder why Western men adore us Asian women? because we are "domesticated, sweet, loving, "loyal", "faithful" romantic,sacrificial," and so on. In other words, we don't have a mind of our own like the fiery Western educated females.
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