Monday, January 4, 2010

"Online Manila, Anyone...?"

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Let me share this blog I posted months ago in some sort of adult online website. I wrote this because of being frustrated in some way: of not being able to find a "decent" bloke as a possible friend, lover, maybe, or a romantic relationship, perhaps. Not that none was available, but having arrived in Manila from London, and being away for years and therefore, didn't know anyone, I tried what some of us would dare do: Online Dating!

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Well, this blog I wrote then was like six months ago. Did anything change at all? Has there been a success in this so-called "online" dating to find a special someone?

Uhmmm...One BIG realisation:  if a site is for free, meaning, free to join and correspond to your chosen man or woman, then, you may as well bin the idea that the person is sincere, much more, genuine! It is all a play! Both sexes play. He asks for a webcam "show," and she asks for monetary exchange for the "show." Okay, at my age you say I didn't know that? Sorry, folks, from where I came from, I guess I worked too much I had no time to spend hours "finding a playmate online." My experience in online dating in the UK was just that - you find someone you like, you chat, you meet, there is a spark, you connect, you date, and you have a boyfriend! I didn't have this online "webcam" thingy  at all! Yeah, true!

Bloody waste of my time!

I came to Manila from London (not to my liking but because I had to...), felt alone (my family is based in the US), unable to adapt immediately to the hot weather, pollution, and the mentality of the Filipinos around me whose concept of "a person who came from abroad is loaded with US dollars or British pounds, and therefore, hey, let us take advantage of his/her seeming ignorance because s/he had been absent for such a long time!" The stress that came with culture shock, the humidity, heat and smog, and being all alone, of course, did not just bring tears to my eyes for many, many months, but also, took a toll on my mental, emotional and physical make-up.

What did I do? Consciously, I joined the online dating game. Unconsciously, I indulged myself in the junk food and the local sweets (now for the first time, I knew why they are called comfort food!)....

Hey, I was feeling depressed. Who to turn to...? What to do? I cannot just go out and do bar hopping, or get a pint at some pubs (are there English pubs in Manila now...?). One, I don't drink and allergic to alcoholic drinks, and second, I don't think I would like to be "picked up" as someone wanting more than a conversation, company, friendship...Damn, I just wanted to have a bloody intelligent conversation with a man, even a woman! And online dating seemed to be a very good option then. Or so I thought....

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First part of this: the "Online Manila, Anyone...?"

*Follow my next blog as London chic hopelessly falls, fails, moves on, and....


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