Monday, January 4, 2010


It is very interesting to note that I received a lot of very "fiery" comments on the blog I posted months ago in another website, and didn't read till now. Some were violent reactions, hahaha, and some were nods of agreements, especially from women.

Whatever the comments were, I find them truly such eye-opener as I didn't know, or perhaps, I didn't want to admit that we, women, the Western females notably , are keeping pace with the males in the sex department, such, have scared them off!
That women now are "masculinised" in a sense that we know what we want and how to get it!

Feel free to comment.


  1. You're getting dangerously close to generalising. I suspect your time overseas has made you more liberal in thought and deed than the average Filipina.

  2. Yes, absolutely that is true! I did a bit of glamour modelling in London, and met many women who also modelled-strongwilled, fiecely independent who make their own money, and have minds of their own. I learned a lot from them, and one of them, is not to take rubbish from men anymore. C'mon, we women also make men's lives miserable, admittedly, however, when has it been that in the name of sex, men and women are equal? There are more men who would leave their wives when they no longer can keep up to sex especially when they go through this natural and normal phase of "hormonal fluctuations?" So they run after young women, or even retire to some exotic locations in Thailand or the Philippines!

    We, women need to be educated. But then, that is another subject matter.

    Again, my answer to that? I did spend a lot of years in London, and they are the ebst years of my life!

  3. It doesn't sound so much like equality as vengeance!

  4. uhmmm...vengeance?
    why should it be that way...?
    its the man thinking...

  5. Hahaha, I agree with everything you said Veronica.
    I'm a 23 year old wife and a mother of a wonderful girl.

    I have given up my Fine Arts degree just to follow my jealous Filipino husband abroad. Just to prove him that Im faithful and I have no other man in the Philippines.

    I stayed home for a year as a housewife taking care of him and our daughter. I cannot go out the flat without his permission. His reason? He wants me to be safe, as it is different for a woman to be out alone, especially a filipina here in the Middle East.

    Being only a housewife without income, I didnt like the feeling of being treated like a housemaid being all responsible for everything and being treated like stupid by my husband though I know how much he loves me. There's just this thing that I hate about his pride that I couldn't disagree with him because he thinks he is smarter and better because he's the one who's working not to mention he's 5 years older than me. We had big fights starting from just the smallest thing by not following his orders.

    I decided to apply for a designer job and was never disappointed by the results that I had to choose which offer to accept. I have been working for about 2 years now, and honestly it has almost ruined my marriage. I can honestly see how it has affected my husband's pride. Earning countless accomplishments and compliments from my clients being very young as I am and seeing me very mature and very good at what I do without having the diploma. Now my husband dont like me anymore and always shows acts of self-pity because he thinks I dont love him anymore just because he cant have sex with me anytime he wants. Now he would have to almost beg and be a good puppy in order to get some of me. poor guy, but I still love him. I just hope he learned his lesson. Now he respects me, and he admits I am better than him in EVERYTHING!!! except cooking of course. lols. And it has caused his very low self esteem right now, especially that we in the same field as being designers. Especially now that I will earn more than him after my promotion.

  6. Hey, sorry this took a long time for me to reply. I had been soooo very busy! Yeah, I know...old excuse. Anyway, I have more time now to focus on my two blogs ( due to some changes in my circumstances. Anyway, your letter was hilarious! And, great! Go, girl! Be the confident woman that you are now! I am proud of you!